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EVAPCO manufactures quality heat rejection equipment utilizing evaporative cooling.  EVAPCO designs are compact, efficient and limit sound problems through a number of packages available.

Evapco ProductInduced Draft Cooling Towers & Fluid Coolers

Forced Draft Cooling Towers & Fluid Coolers

Low Sound Solutions
Super Low Sound Fan – Induced Draft
Inlet & Discharge Sound Attenuators
Water Silencers


Induced Draft Cooling Towers & Fluid Coolers

Induced Draft units include the following models:

Cooling Towers
AT – Large Tonnage Unit
USS – Stainless Steel Construction
REP – Replacement Market
UBT – Earthquake and Hurricane Design
ICT – Small Tonnage Unit

Evapco Product

Fluid Coolers
ATW – Large Tonnage Unit
UBW – Earthquake & Hurricane Design
ESW – High efficiency Design

Evapco Product

The EVPACO induced draft cooling towers incorporate a counter flow design. In climates such as Alberta this is important because in low ambient conditions approach and free cooling is available; the water temperature within the tower is constant across the fill media. In a cross flow design, the water temperature is not. The following illustrations indicate the importance of maintaining a constant temperature across the fill media.

Both designs are assuming a 10°F wet bulb entering air condition and a 64.5°F entering water temperature. Both designs will provide a net 44.5°F leaving water condition. With a counter flow design, 100% of the air flow meets 100% of the water flow. With a cross flow design, 100% of the air flow meets a small percentage of the water flow on the air inlet side of the heat transfer surface media which contributes to freeze up on the louvers. The above figure indicates the large water temperature gradient within the tower.


Forced Draft Cooling Towers & Fluid Coolers

Forced Draft units include the following models;

Cooling Towers
LSTA – Standard Profile Unit
LRT – Low Profile Unit

Evapco Product

Fluid Coolers
LSWA – Standard Profile Unit
LRW – Low Profile Unit

Evapco Product

Evapco ProductEVAPCO's Thermal-Pak® coils feature a patented design which assures maximum cooling capacity. The airflow through the coil is counterflow to the fluid flow, providing the most efficient heat transfer process. A special coil design is utilized to reduce the air pressure drop through the unit while maximizing tube surface area and increasing its heat transfer capabilities. The uniquely shaped tubes of the coil are staggered in the direction of airflow to obtain a high film coefficient.


Low Sound Solutions

Evapco ProductSuper Low Sound Fan

The Super Low Sound Fan offered by EVAPCO utilizes an extremely wide chord blade design available for sound sensitive applications where the lowest sound levels are desired. The fan is one-piece molded heavy duty FRP construction utilizing a forward swept blade design. The Super Low Sound Fan is capable of reducing the unit sound pressure levels 9dB(A) to 15dB(A), depending upon specific unit selection and measurement location. The fans are high efficiency axial propeller type and operate with no loss of thermal performance and no increase in horsepower requirements.

Evapco ProductInlet and Discharge Sound Attenuators

All LRT style units are complete with a first stage of sound attenuation as standard, a fan and motor housing.

Additional inlet and discharge sound attenuators can be added for sound sensitive applications. The attenuators include baffled panels to redirect the direction of the air flow and capture radiated noise thus reducing the overall sound levels generated.

Access panels and extended belt adjustment mechanisms make maintenance a snap.

Evapco ProductWater Silencers

Often on large systems, fans are not the cause of annoying noise. During night operation, systems can utilize the lower ambient conditions and operate without the fan running. The noise from falling water within the cooling tower is noticed by homeowners and public who live near the cooling tower at night time. Water Silencers can be added to the basin of the cooling tower to absorb the energy of the falling water. No performance is effected by adding water silencers.