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Dri-Steem is the industry leader in engineered humidity control environments offering the flexibility to design your system to work with steam, chemical free boiler steam, hot liquid, electricity, natural or LP gas.  Every system is designed for the capacity, complexity and precision you require.  On applications that require precise steam absorption, we will guarantee it.  The DRI-CALC selection and sizing program takes the guess work out of system selections and accounts for all variables including elevation, air temperatures and of course entering and leaving humidity levels.

Controls & Coolers

Dri-Steem ProductVapor-logic provides comprehensive control for Dri-Steem GTS humidifiers. As Dri-Steem's newest controller, Vapor-logic4 offers the same functionality as Vapor-logic3 controllers, plus several new features:

Condensate coolers are available for applications in which the discharge water from the humidifier must be tempered. The condensate off the unit enters the stainless steel chamber at 1. A solenoid valve tied into a thermocouple modulates cold supply water and mixes with the hot condensate return where it is discharged out the side of the unit at 3.

Electric Humdifers

Dri-Steem ProductThe VaporMist model VM electric units provide capacity from 6 to 102 lbs/hr. Blower packs are available for mounting on top of the unit for a packaged area type humidifier used in systems such as Print Shops.

Dri-Steem ProductThe VaporStream model VLC electric units provide capacity from 5.7 lbs/hr to 285 lbs/hr. +/- 1% humidity control is attainable through the use of SCR controls and DI / RO treated water.

Dri-Steem ProductThe VT series humidifier is a solution for high end condominiums and small commercial applications. Capacity up to 48 lbs/hr is available with control within 5% of set point with on-off demand and 3% when receiving a modulating signal. Softened water is recommended for its use.

Dri-Steem ProductXT Series electrode steam humidifiers combine DRI-STEEM’s engineering expertise with replaceable cylinders. Low up-front cost, minimal maintenance, and fast response time make XT Series an attractive option for many commercial applications.

Gas Humdifiers

Dri-Steem ProductThe GTS gas fired humidifier comes with a standard indoor enclosure (shown above) and an optional outdoor enclosure complete with ambient control. Control to within 3% of set point is available. This unit has a steam output of 40:1 rangeability and 82% burner efficiency rating. Capacities up to 600 lbs/hr are attainable with a single unit.

Liquid to Steam

Dri-Steem ProductFor buildings with an existing 240 °F (116 °C) or greater hot liquid source, DRISTEEM's unique LTS system is an economical way to create steam for humidification. The LTS takes energy from an existing hot liquid source (such as water, oil or glycol), and transfers that energy through a heat exchanger to clean fill water in the LTS evaporating chamber. This heat exchange Dri-Steem Productprocess generates chemical-free steam for humidification from the regularly-replenished supply of clean fill water Capacity range up to 540 lbs/hr for each unit.

Steam to Steam

The STS steam-to-steam humidifier creates chemical-free humidification steam while using boiler steam as its energy source. The STS accomplishes this by circulating boiler steam within a heat exchanger, transferring heat to clean fill water and boiling it into chemical-free humidification steam. Capacity is available up to 1600 lbs/hr for each unit.

Steam Distribution

Dri-Steem ProductDri-Steem ProductThe Ultra-sorb steam dispersion panel provides rapid, drip-free steam absorption, allowing it to be installed within inches of downstream devices without condensation worries.

Single tube dispersion tubes are suitable for small capacity systems and long absorption distance.

Dri-Steem ProductMultiple tube assemblies are suitable for large capacity systems with a range of sizes to fit small ducts to large air handlers and are suitable for short to moderate absorption distances.

Mini Bank panels are suitable for medium capacity systems, are sized for small ducts and have short to moderate absorption distances.

Dri-Steem's Ultra-sorb steam dispersion panel established industry standards for meeting short absorption requirements. Ultra-sorb guarantees non-wetting distances and can be installed within inches of downstream devices without condensation worries. It can be factory assembled within a mounting frame or shipped unassembled.

Dri-Steem ProductNew to the Ultra-sorb family, Model XV combines the proven energy savings of high-efficiency tubes with a condensate management strategy that makes it the most efficient steam dispersion panel available in the market. An industry first for pressurized steam, Ultra-sorb XV has an integral heat exchanger that vaporizes dispersion-generated condensate and returns pressurized condensate to the boiler without additional pumps, valves, or controls.

Ultra-sorb steam dispersion panels are also available with insulated high efficiency tubes.